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"I tried to remain as active as I could during the COVID-19 lockdown, but I was really struggling to maintain my weight due to reduced activity. The change of routine really threw me off and I realised that I had become too sedentary during the day. I also realised that the activity that I was engaging in was not enough and I needed to look at my food intake as well. Gemma's 6-week course helped me to establish new habits and routines, to work more activity into my days, as well adopt healthier cooking and eating practices. Throughout the course I felt supported and informed. Gemma explained why certain changes were recommended and incrementally introduced weekly goals so that it always felt achievable. I reached my personal weight goals and my mood and stress levels have improved due to taking part in the course. The best part thing is that what Gemma taught us feels sustainable, so I can maintain my activity and weight going forward."   Fiona did amazingly well over the 6-week programme and was a pleasure to work with. She achieved half a stone weight-loss, 8 inches off her waist, and 7 inches off her hips. This is so inspirational and shows how just making a few positive changes to habits and lifestyle can make such a big difference. 

Fiona MacNeill

‘I had been suffering with inwardly rotating knees or ‘knocked knees’ since I was a teenager. Gemma took the time to show me a series of exercises to complete every day and provided me with a personalized program. When combining these with strengthening exercises for my legs, the results were remarkable! My knees appear to have realigned themselves, and they improve every day as I continue to do the exercises. This has improved my running form, balance and coordination. Thank you Gemma!’

Alice Hill
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