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Do I have to bring equipment?

No, Gemma Fitness provides all the equipment you need.

How often should I train?

This is extremely personal and depends on the amount of time you have per week and how committed you are. For maximum results we recommend 2-3 times per week. This can all be with a trainer or we can work to provide you with a programme that works alongside your time with a trainer. We work together to find the right balance for your lifestyle and look into ways to make your current lifestyle more active.

Will you charge me if I cancel for any reason?

Gemma Fitness has a 24hour cancellation fee policy.

What happens if I am late for a session?

If you are late for a session unfortunately we cannot add time to the session due to the days schedule. If a trainer is late then you will receive your full training session.

Should I eat before training?

It is better to train on an empty stomach to avoid feeling ill during a session. We recommend eating two hours before training. If you feel like you need something then have a piece of fruit half an hour before your training session.

Can I set the time I work out?

You can chose a time that best suits you. The only thing to note is we all ready have existing clients so sometimes may not be able to offer you your first choice. We work on a first come first serve basis so the earlier you can book your session in the more likely you will get the time and day you want.

What happens during a PT session?

A training session either lasts for 45 minutes or an hour. We provide a warm up followed by your main training session which is specific to your goals, wants and needs. We then finish with a cool down and some stretches.

Do I have to be fit or in good shape to get a Personal Trainer?

No, personal training is devised for anyone as it is a personal service. We take individuality into account and the aim of a personal trainer at gemma fitness is to always help you achieve your goals in realistic time frames.

Am I too old for personal training?

You are never too old to start exercising. We cater for all ages over 18 and design our programmes safely and carefully depending on the age category. Exercise is a great way to stay strong, mobile, flexible and healthy as you age and we work to both prevent and help with existing injuries.

What do I wear?

Please make sure you are in proper workout clothes and have the correct footwear. Please avoid baggy trousers. Please bring water and avoid sports drinks, juice or squash unless advised. 
Men: We recommend shorts or running bottoms so that we can see the alignment of your legs. A breathable workout top and proper training shoes. 
Ladies: Invest in a good quality sports bra, good brands include: shock absorber, Nike, addidas. Make sure they are supportive enough for your cup size. Please wear fitted bottoms so that we can see your leg alignment during the training session and a breathable top. Make sure you have proper training shoes.

What should I look for when trying to chose a personal trainer?

All Gemma Fitness trainers are REPS (The Register of Exercise Professionals) qualified and have a level 3 or above qualification. all trainers legally have to be a member of this as they make sure we keep up with regular courses to improve our knowledge. All our trainers practice what we preach and are extremely approachable. We do not use our mobile phones for personal use during training sessions and are extremely professional

I have always wanted a personal trainer but cannot afford it as they are expensive.

At Gemma Fitness we make sure you receive the most out of the money you are paying for a session. We include discounted packages and have the option of professionally run bootcamps.  The average night out or meal out costs around £40. This can usually leave you in bed for a day feeling rubbish! If this is a regular experience in your life and you feel like you could drop one night out then there is your money for a training session, which will make you feel energised and healthy!

Can I do personal training with colleagues, friends and family?

Yes you can, Gemma Fitness can arrange group sessions, which is included in our packages. It makes training more affordable and is really motivational. Please see our group training page and our prices.

My home is small will there be room to train.

Gemma Fitness personal trainers are used to training people in all sorts of spaces, we just need enough space for a yoga mat. If this still feels like it will be too cramped we can train in a park, garden, green or on the beach. 

How is my progress measured?

At Gemma Fitness this is a really important aspect of your training. We are consistently measuring your progress as we note down everything we do with you and how you are improving. If you are on a weight loss or toning programme then we do your measurements ever 4 weeks and keep taking photographs so you can see the changes. If you are on a sports specific or fitness programme then we do fitness tests to see your improvements.

How soon will I see results?

This is extremely personal but generally most people start to feel a difference in 3-4 weeks. The extent of the results depend on your current fitness level, weight, gender, metabolism and your commitment to the programme. the more work you put into it outside of your training session the better your results will be. You will be able to contact your trainer through email or phone at any time for support.

How do I pay?

You can either pay through a bank transfer or by cash to the trainer. Bank transfers need to referenced with your name and PT sessions. 

Will I get big if I lift weights?

NO, in order to put on a substantial amount of muscle the training programmes and diet have to be tailored in a specific way. Gemma Fitness provides you with a resistance programme that is tailored to your goal. please read our blog on this for more information.

Why should I train with Gemma Fitness?

At Gemma Fitness we believe we provide you with the whole package. We believe that our services are personal and that we support you through all aspects to get you to your goals. We are available to contact every day when you need motivation, support or have a question to ask about anything to do with your programme.

Can I Exercise If I am Pregnant?

Our personal trainers are fully qualified in pre and postnatal training we make sure our programmes are suitable for your trimester and provide you with a safe method of training during and after your pregnancy. See our pre and postnatal page.