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Pre / Post Natal Personal Training in Brighton & Hove


Post-Natal Personal Training

Many new mums want to know how to lose baby weight quickly. However, having a baby puts huge strain on you and it’s important to have a structured fitness programme to improve tone, pelvic floor (read our pelvic floor blog for more information) and to bring back your pre-baby body. As a new mum myself I know how it feels to embark on this slow journey back to pre-pregnancy fitness, however, if you do it properly you will come back even stronger. 

Every pregnancy and birth is different and Gemma Fitness tailors your post natal personal training to you, providing you with detailed training programming, both within sessions and when you are at home and also nutritional advice to support the work you are doing.

It is important that a consultation is held with every new mum before any training starts. It is advised that women do not begin or resume training for 6 weeks after natural birth or 12 weeks following a cesarean. This will be discussed during your consultation along with any complications you may have had. Within the consultation we will check your stomach for Diastasis Recti (the distancing of your abdominal muscles from each another), which is common during pregnancy. We will also then look at how your body moves to see whether you have any muscular imbalances caused by pregnancy or a previous injury. The main goal to begin with is to restore abdominal muscles and pelvic floor forces to provide you with better uterine and lower back support. The sessions will also help give you more energy and strength to be able to look after your little one. 

For more information please email us: info@gemmafitness.co.uk 


Personal Training while Pregnant

If you have just discovered you are pregnant then it is important you keep yourself (and your growing baby) fit and healthy.

Exercising during pregnancy is recommended and has shown to boost energy as well as having many other benefits for you and your baby.

Not only will it help you to return to your pre-baby weight after birth it will also ensure you are in good shape for labour and will reduce aches and pains along the way.

Gemma Fitness designs prenatal personal training around the three trimesters to ensure your safety and wellbeing throughout your pregnancy.

At the initial consultation Gemma Fitness will discuss with your current health, fitness levels, and any concerns you have about personal training while pregnant.

To find out more about prenatal and postnatal personal training  in Brighton & Hove with Gemma Fitness please call 07429 610899 or email info@gemmafitness.co.uk

Also check out our blog post on the benefits of exercise whilst pregnant. 


Pre-Natal Course

We are currently working on a 4-week pre-natal Fitness, Nutrition and Breathing course to help prepare you for Labour and birthing of your little one. This course will help you to connect with the muscles used during labour to help you feel strong and connected to the process. We will focus on pelvic floor health, alongside, core activation and intra-abdominal pressure. We will also discuss nutritional strategies to help you and your growing baby get all the nutrients to support growth, energy, and your immune systems. We will also chat through snack options for labour and foods to pack in your hospital bag. In addition we will discuss breathing and learn techniques that will help all the way from early contractions to the down phase of labour. 

This course will be run in small groups so you will also get to make friends with other new mums. You will get to share pregnancy stories and hopefully leave the course knowing you have a support bubble with other women. 

For more information email: info@gemmafitness.co.uk 



"After giving birth to my first baby I suffered from stomach muscle separation (diastasis recti) of 5-6cms. This resulted in a hernia through my belly button and I needed help to lift my new baby and had difficulty walking any distance. I was using my back to compensate for the lack of stomach muscles and had severe back pain. I was also left with around an extra 2 stone in weight. I started seeing Gemma around 4 months after having my baby. A lot of the initial work focussed on rebuilding my core strength, getting the stomach muscles back together and mobilising my back. Gemma gave me exercises to do inbetween our sessions to help speed up the process and after a few weeks I started to notice a big difference. The back pain was going and I was also losing weight. Five months later (nine months after giving birth) I was back to my pre-baby weight and had only a small gap left in my stomach muscles. The back pain was completely gone and I was able to easily lift and carry my (quickly) growing baby. Without Gemma's help I have no doubt that I would still be struggling hugely."