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Personal training for toning in Brighton & Hove

At Gemma Fitness we tailor our toning training programmes to fit your specific goals. Some clients may wish to tone without bulking, while others wish to add muscle mass.

Toning up

Toning up is about improving lean muscle while reducing body fat giving a great lean and toned figure.

This programme uses resistance training alongside structured cardio work and nutrition to provide you with results. Using these techniques, ensures you get the toned look you are after without building bulk.

Building muscle

Building muscle properly is difficult. It takes a combination of the right nutrition, split training programmes and dedication.

Gemma Fitness works with you to stimulate muscle growth without increasing fat tissue using structured fitness programmes focusing on all muscle groups.

If you have tried to build muscle on your own in the gym with limited results then this programme is for you.

Initial consultation

At your initial consultation your goals will be discussed along with a physical analysis to create a programme that is right for you.

Gemma Fitness works to take into account individuality and the amount of time you are able to dedicate to a fitness programme, both with your personal trainer and alone.

To discuss how toning personal training with Gemma Fitness in Brighton & Hove could help benefit your health, wellbeing and training call 07429 610899 or email info@gemmafitness.co.uk

I have always found it hard to be motivated to exercise and was finally persuaded by my husband to try a personal trainer to improve my body tone and general fitness - and I am so glad he did. After only one session a week for a few months I could feel a real difference. My body felt more toned and I found I had a lot more energy. Gemma is great at encouraging me when I am feeling tired and helping me to improve week after week.