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Female Toning

When Emily came to me to start training she had an active lifestyle, which included lots of walking and swimming. Her initial goals were to tone up and improve her fitness levels to be able to go running and cycling with her husband.

We started by sorting out a couple of imbalances and improving her balance so that we were able to push the exercises further. I combined bodyweight exercises with those using the TRX, kettlebells and dumbbells. Once her fitness improved we completed TABATA training and high intensity circuits. 

Emily's results have been very rewarding, her fitness levels have come on leaps and bounds and she is now doing some pre-natal training with me, to prepare her for a healthy pregnancy and birth. 

I have always found it hard to be motivated to exercise and was finally persuaded by my husband to try a personal trainer to improve my body tone and general fitness - and I am so glad he did. After only one session a week for a few months I could feel a real difference. My body felt more toned and I found I had a lot more energy. Gemma is great at encouraging me when I am feeling tired and helping me to improve week after week.