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Sport Specific Training

Seb started training with me to improve at his sport sprinting. Seb competes, so it was extremely important that we got the right balance between resistance training and his time on the track with his coaches. Our first goal was to improve his tachnique and strength in compound movements such as barbell back and front squats, deadlifts and walking lunges. Once these improved I was then able to start including explosive exercises into his programme to help him improve at his start time out of the blocks. 

We placed emphasis on his flexability and worked on this dynamically alongside posture to help with his efficiency during his sprints. 


I am a keen athlete, regularly taking part in 200m and 400m competitions with my local athletics club. I wanted to work on my leg strength to improve my race start and my times. Gemma devised a programme which worked towards my goals, always pushing me to the next level and keeping me motivated to believe that I could reach them.