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Jo Hall, Injury rehabilitation on In:Spa Retreat

Alongside my business on the south coast, I also work for a London based company called In:Spa who run luxury Fitness Retreats. They run 7 night get aways, which are aimed at improving both physical and mental wellbeing. I go along as a Personal Tainer and alongside doing classes, daily runs I also get to do one-to-one sessions with the guests. They are great weeks and I like to feel that during the week i have managed to share both my passion for fitness, health and wellbeing along with my personality. I also like to make sure each client has something they can utilise once they leave the holiday. The last retreat I did was in Majorca and I met Jo who unfortunately was suffering with back and neck problems. This didn't stop her, however, as through the week I made sure she always had other exercise options during group classes and in her one-to-ones we really homed in on her issues. Jo, sent in an amazing testimonial and she also said I could share it with you. So enjoy the read :)

Jo Hall, In:Spa May 2016

Gemma was EXCELLENT. I was so surprised to find someone who could understand my ailments and injuries and work so effectively around them. The fact that my inner thighs burned for the entire week was a good sign. She also gave me very thorough exercises to do and although lovely as a person she can work you very hard when you don't even realise it. I said many times, i wished that she lived in London as she is one of the best PT's I've ever used (and I've spent a lot of money on PT's)!