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Ben Taylor - Improved Fitness and Toning

When I first met Ben, it was because his wife Narelle had convinced him that they should do some Personal Training Sessions together. 

I am always a little nervous about this, as generally if someone is being made to do exercise, I always question whether they are really into it or whether it is just going to be a battle. Ben suprised me the most out of anyone I have ever trained before. I almost fainted when about 2 months in he asked me whether we could increase the sessions to 2 per week. He has come on an amazing journey. From someone who disliked exercise a lot, to someone who looks forward to training every week and tells me off when I go and work abroad for a week! 

I am so proud of what he has managed to achieve and even when Narelle took time off after she gave birth to their son he continued by himself. 


'I'm 45 years old and had never been interested in exercise. A year ago I was told my blood pressure was too high so I started training with Gemma. She tailored the exercises exactly to my needs and within 3 months I saw results, was much healthier and found that I actually wanted to increase my sessions from one up to two per week. Gemma is patient understands how to get the best out of me, and every session is challenging but fun and incredibly effective. I couldn't ask for more from a trainer."