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I'm going to get fit he said!

By Gemma | October 01, 2020 | Fitness

When speaking to people about their new years resolution or goals, there is one thing that always crops up when I ask, what do you want to achieve? Generally the answer I always get is I want to you know….be fit! But what does this mean? Physical fitness is defined as a general state of wellness and the ability to be able to perform aspects of sports or occupations. It can be achieved through exercise, nutrition and rest. So when I ask a person what is optimal fitness to them, I really want them to turn round to me and say I want to be able to function and perform optimally in both work and leisure activities, to be healthy and resist diseases. If this sounds like something you want to achieve then the rest of this post is for you!

January hits the gym and all the cardio machines are full up with people busting their guts out. You turn to the resistance machines and free weights, there is nothing free to use let alone a bench. You then wander over to the mats and people are packed next to each other like sardines and you think this is a disaster (or at least I do). I actually now don’t even own a gym membership or train clients within a gym, as having a small bit of equipment and some space is all you actually need for a good workout! But that’s getting off track. What I am trying to say is slogging out in the gym three times a week doing the same workout each time really isn’t going to generate the results you so desire, and is the main reason the gym is quiet again in March.

It is important when you work out that you have a reason for doing so and you know where you would like to be in both the short and long term. Whether you sign up to an event, give yourself a weight or body fat percentage target etc. These fixed goals with deadlines are extremely important. I know I harper on about this, but all my training sessions I give to my clients have a purpose and are part of a long-term plan.  There is no point going into a workout without a plan of how it is going to get you to your end goal. In addition, if you haven’t sorted out your lifestyle to benefit your fitness regime then you have no hope of achieving your goals. Everything works hand in hand with each other and over the next few weeks we will discuss ways in which to balance them out.

If you would like one on one advice I am doing discounted consultations via email so please get in touch via info@gemmafitness.co.uk and together we can truly get you on the path to fitness!